Madhu Bose, Founder, President  

Satyajit Ray, Founder, Vice President

Cine Central, Calcutta has entered its glorious 50th year on 31 October, 2014. Cine Central, Calcutta the largest film society in India, came into  existence at a time when the creative filmmakers in various countries were experimenting and evolving a new language of cinema transforming cinema from glossy entertainment to the most powerful medium of our time. Some young film enthusiasts were eager to view this new kind of world cinema. Thus born Cine
Central, Calcutta with veteran film director Madhu Bose as President and Legendary Film Director Satyajit Ray as Vice President to showcase classics &
contemporary international cinema in this City. B.N. Sirkar the founder of New Theatre Studio, Nitin Bose the renowned film maker and other lumineries were president of the society.

Cine Central, Calcutta is a      non -commercial, non - Governmental Organisation and Registered under Society Registration Act, Govt. of West Bengal. Cine Central, Calcutta is also  registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976, Govt. of India. It is located in Calcutta (Now known as KOLKATA), the capital city of the state of West Bengal in INDIA.

 The society is devoted to the cause of Film Appreciation through screenings of contemporary and classic films of the world, publications, exhibitions, seminars, discussions etc. Over forty four years the society is spearheading a movement for cinema with social relevance.

The objectives of the society as mentioned in the ‘Memorandum of Association’ of Cine Central, Calcutta

a)  To cultivate true art and make systematic study of films on its educational aspect,

b)   To arrange for an increase of appreciation for good films among the general public,

c)  To influence the film-industry for the production of films of standard for the need of the society,

d)  To promote a healthy social movement in support of the objects mentioned herein before,

e)   To enhance the growth of film society and movements in this behalf.

           The first show of the society was held at Tiger Cinema on October 31, 1965 and by the end of the first year itself the society screened 45 films and the membership strength grew by every month. Very soon it became the largest film society in India and ever since it maintains this record. The Society stands forefront in mobilizing resources and procurement of films from all over the world and has established cordial relations with all film producing countries.

                     Cine Central, Calcutta devoted equal attention to Indian Cinema.  In 1966 it organized the first ever Festival of Indian Cinema in Kolkata where Regional films were shown.  The society regularly screens films of Indian Directors and most of the Award-winning Regional Films have been shown.

        Besides regular screening of films, the society publishes a Monthly Film Bulletin, mainly to cater the needs of members. However, its reputed Bengali journal Chitrabikshan has now become irregular. It has published a number of booklets on various aspects of cinema with a view to spread the film culture. 



Since 2006 we have made the Children’s Film Festival an annual event. Now International Children’s Film Festival has become an important program of our activity. We have made a sincere effort to reach the under privileged children by arranging shows in city slums, suburbs and also in the Districts. For organising this festival we are getting support from UNICEF, STATE GOVERNMENT and various NGO's.

Gala opening of 17th International Children’s Film Festival

Cine Central, Calcutta has the pleasure of presenting yet another edition of its landmark program International Children’s Film Festival.

In the evening of 20th July 2017 his Excellency Shri KeshariNathTripathi, Governor of West Bengal inaugurated the film festival in a packed auditorium of Nandan I. All the children who attended the festival were given a colourful school bag.  17thInternational Children’s Film Festival is being organised by Cine Central, Calcutta in collaboration with UNICEF - West Bengal Office, , NANDAN (WEST BENGAL FILM CENTRE) & TALASH.

While inaugurating the festival the Governor stressed on importance of producing more children films for their education and entertainment. He praised the efforts of Cine Central, Calcutta for organising this festival in a regular way.

Hon’ble Shri Shyamal Kumar Sen, President, Cine central, Calcutta gave welcome address.

Other speakers in the inaugural ceremony were Ms. Jeroo Master, Chief, UNICEF-Office for West Bengal, Shri Yadab Mondal, IAS, Chief Executive officer , Nandan (WEST BENGAL FILM CENTRE), Smt. Ayesha Sinha, Executive Director, TALASH.

Shri Nagesh Kukunoor, renowned film director introduced the inaugural film DHANAK (RAINBOW)/INDIA which won the Best Children’s Film award in 2016.

The second phase of the program started on 1st August and continued till 4th August 2017 at Nandan II. In this program of 4 days over films from 12 countries were screened. A large no of children witnessed these films. There was a small exhibition in Nandan IV reflecting the welfare and rights for every children.

Now the festival films are scheduled to move in the different districts of West Bengal.

What satisfies us most that our festival is not confined in the city of Kolkata only, but festival films are moving distant places to give enjoyment and education to rural children.

The 17th International Children's Film Festival have a wide participation with 46 films from 18 participating countries.

The final curtain will be drawn on the International Children’s Film Festival on      31st October 2017.

 31st Edition of Landmark Programme

Cine Central, Calcutta is happy to present the 31st edition of its landmark programme- International Forum of New Cinema in the month of February 2018. As in the past, we believe this festival will give the cineastes the pleasure of viewing different kind of cinema far and near. We invite all countries to participate in the International Forum of New Cinema. Film makers/producers may send their films in DVD/BlueRay/MP4 format to our office for participation in the film festival.

This festival highlights on the young film makers. Our festival is non competitive and non commercial.

Cine Central, Calcutta, the largest film society in India was established in 1965. The Society has rich past with legendary film personalities like Madhu Bose, Satyajit Ray, B.N.Sirkar, Nitin Bose were the office bearer of the society. It is a registered Non-Governmental and Non-Commercial Organization, well known for promoting film culture.

International Forum of New Cinema is an annual event for showcasing the new trends and new creativity in the language of cinema. This festival is a platform for film makers experimenting with celluloid/digital media. We pay special attention to focus on the films of those countries which are not commercially screened in India.

The International Forum of New Cinema has a long and remarkable past. Way back in 1986, Cine Central, Calcutta organized in a small way an independent International Film Festival. With each passing year, the Festival became bigger and better. In 1995, Govt of West Bengal launched Kolkata Film Festival, but our festival continued and earned a reputation for its variety and depth of world cinema. However, in 1998 this festival underwent a major structural change and was renamed as "International Forum of New Cinema" and continued to be held with distinct identity within the broad framework of Kolkata International Film Festival.

We believe as long as films will be there, there will be need for independent festival to showcase the young and creative film makers throughout the globe.

We are committed for better cinema. We are committed to make International Forum of New Cinema the platform for new cinema. We seek support of all film lovers.


Cine Central, Calcutta has been striving hard continuously to reach the greater mass and keep the banner of the film society movement held high.  In consonance with the fast changing technology in audio-visual sector, the society has been reorganizing its mode of presentation and going for adaptation of modern technology in film-making and film screening.  We are optimistic for further progress and strengthening of the film society movement.

As long as there is film, there will be need for film society.