Cine Central, Calcutta proudly presents Story of a Hockey Legend: Leslie Claudius

Leslie Claudius(English/ 2010/ 27.07min/ Col)directed by Aloke Banerjee &Jaydip Mukherjee and produced by Films Division, India,on the grand success ofIndian Hokey team at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. It will be shown online in this website from September9 to September 30, 2021. We thank Films Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, India forproviding us this rare documentary. The Link is given below.


Story of a Hockey Legend: Leslie Claudius(English/ 2010/ 27.07min/ Col) Directed by Aloke Banerjee &Jaydip Mukherjee Produced by: Films Division, Government of India Executive Producer: Aloke Banerjee

Sports film or even on sports personalities are very rarely made in India. Leslie Claudius, one of the iconic hockey players, was the 4 times Olympian with 3 Gold Medals and a Sliver, and was the captain of the Indian Hockey team at the Rome Olympic in 1960, maintained a low profile image throughout his life.  He is no more with us. But this documentary, the only on the Master, captured his spirit, his love for the city and for the fellow friends in the city of Calcutta, his joys and sorrows, his happiness and grief, all have been explored with a journey of his colourful life.

The film is a successful effort from Jaydip Mukherjee and Aloke Banerjee – the renowned documentary makers as directors, the text of the film was done by SamikBandyopadhyay, voiced by MasudulHuq and edited by SumitGhosh. The film was the only Indian documentary in the Competition at the Tiger Paw International Sports Documentary Film Festivals in Los Angeles in 2010.

Centenary Tribute to Satyajit Ray

Centenary Tribute to Satyajit Ray: Greatest film director of India Cine Central, Calcutta is privileged to have Satyajit Ray as the Vice President. Ray was born on 2nd May 1921 in Kolkata. From Pather Panchali to Agantuk he had given to Indian Cinema new horizon. In his Forty years of glorious film making journey, Satyajit Ray delighted the Cine lovers of India and abroad with 28 feature films, 8 Short films and 2 Tele Film. His films received numerous national and international awards. We recall with pleasure that in 1980 we organised Satyajit Ray Retrospective in Globe cinema which was inaugurated by Satyajit Ray himself. Ray is the shining Star of Indian cinema. He will remain so in decades to come. Our respectful homage to Satyajit Ray, the visionary film director.


The first script of Satyajit Ray in Book format was published by Cine Central, Calcutta in 1984. It was released in Mumbai Filmutsov by noted film director Shyam Benegal. It was compiled and edited by Parimal Mukherjee